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Make Incident Reporting Easy

Capturing and reporting incident data — and getting that information to management — is crucial. Wellsite Report’s mobile app enables field personnel to quickly create real-time incident reports so management can promptly take corrective action.

  • Simplify reporting of any Service Quality (SQ), Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), or Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) incident
  • Capture information from the field using an intuitive management workflow
  • Create reports that describe incident type, its location, and a photo in the summary
  • Export reports for analysis and discover trends
  • Get full electronic archiving of all reports with our cloud software
Mobile app allows fast, easy reporting to be submitted directly from the field
Custom Form being completed on mobile device

Be Paper-Free with Our Form Builder Service

Paper forms don’t stand up to the elements and take a beating in rugged field conditions. And if they’re not a hassle to log, they can easily get lost.

Wellsite Report can digitally recreate your paper forms for easy use with our cloud software. Personnel can simply fill out custom forms on mobile and desktop devices — and make paper a thing of the past at the job site.

  • Add many field types to your forms: Signature, file upload, GPS location, and much more
  • View completed forms on the desktop for easy reference
  • Export completed forms on demand for editing, archiving, or analyzing
  • Create PDFs of any completed form
  • Draft and offline support available on mobile devices

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