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Posted on May 9th, 2023 - Posted in HSE | Oil and Gas | Reporting | Safety | Service Quality

Provide a rapid response to disasters

Real-time incident reporting

Natural disasters such as floods, fires, tornadoes, and major storms can occur most anywhere and wreak havoc upon your company’s infrastructure and assets. That’s why you need to execute an effective rapid response that ensures continuity of operations and mitigates harm to people and property in surrounding areas. Wellsite Report helps make it happen.

Prioritize quality and safety

When disaster strikes, Wellsite Report enables workers on scene to assess the situation and fill out a custom emergency response form. This can help your management team confirm your field employees are correctly following associated procedures, helping to protect personnel and equipment.

In addition, Wellsite Report’s health and safety (HSE) incident reporting logs injuries and damage to equipment and the environment. This report’s data fields enable workers to capture a wide variety of data, from location of any bodily injuries and their severity to the volume of oil, gas, or other liquid lost in a possible spill or uncontrolled release.

Wellsite Report’s real-time incident reporting and incident management workflow enable workers to respond quickly and more effectively to a bad situation, plus they complement your company’s behavior-based safety (BBS) program. Historic and trending BBS data can be used to identify areas where potentially hazardous situations could occur, either before, during, or in the wake of a natural disaster.

Keep everybody updated at all times

Wellsite Report’s real-time notification system immediately alerts all pertinent employees via email when an incident happens during a natural disaster. These real-time alerts provide a summary of the event type, including its location. The field employee submitting the alert can also attach photos to the summary to emphasize a greater need to address the situation. Email alerts can also be filtered by incident type and severity, facilitating a rapid response to a single location or multiple areas hit by an earthquake, flood, fire, tornado, or major storm.


Master the disaster with the real-time capabilities of Wellsite Report.



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