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Custom Form being completed on mobile device

Form Builder Service

We re-create your existing forms in Wellsite Report. Fill out forms on both mobile and desktop, making paper a thing of the past on the job site.
  • Custom Forms, Anytime, Anywhere
    • Many field types available – signature, file upload, GPS location, and more
    • View completed forms on the desktop for easy reference
    • Export completed forms on demand for editing, archiving, or analyzing
    • Create PDFs of any completed form
    • Great for inspections, audits, checklists, etc.
    • Draft and offline support available on mobile devices
  • Let Wellsite Report Do the Heavy Lifting
    • No additional training on how to create the forms you need. You have enough on your plate: let us do the heavy lifting for you.
    • Adding or changing fields on forms is easy and seamless. All users will have the latest form at the click of a button.

SMS Communications

Harness the power of text. Send SMS messages to any number of personnel, at any time, directly from the website. Whether it’s a quick update, an alert, a report, or any other piece of information to be delivered, you can send mass text messages 24/7, straight to users’ mobile devices.
  • Export a delivery report instantly to confirm message delivery or review any errors for each single recipient
  • Choose who receives the message, from personnel by position, to by base, to single selection, and more
  • Include image or PDF attachment in your message
  • View archive of all sent messages, including who sent the message, what information or attachments were delivered, and when
SMS message display on mobile device
Equipment item being created in application UI

Equipment Module

Create custom equipment types to manage and maintain the most unique of items. We make preventive maintenance easy.

  • Manage Unique Equipment Types
    • Create custom fields that capture unique features
    • Develop parent-child relationships for better tracking
  • Custom Field Associations
    • Associated fields will allow for automatic updates of equipment information
  • Custom Email Notifications
    • Email triggers can be created based on a custom field condition
    • Notifications can include another company (maybe a vendor or client) – if they are customers, of course
Custom Analytics display

Custom Analytics

Analyze the data that matters most. Tailored for your needs, we offer dashboards that display trends, highlight areas that need attention, and help you see the bigger picture.

  • Customized Dashboards
    • Each dashboard is created specifically for your company’s Pro users
    • Filters, graphs, and maps available for your data
  • Customizable Interactions
    • Interactive interface for targeted, personalized use
Development environment depicted on laptop

Custom Development

Have a specific need you don’t see in Wellsite Report? We fill in the gaps with custom development.

  • Customized Reports
    • Project summaries breakdown to highlight exactly what you need to know
    • Reports of any kind to be sent via e-mail on a regular schedule
    • Choose exactly what data you need and how it is presented to you: tables, graphs, raw data, and more
  • Customized Scheduling and Notification
    • Send reports to specific employees, bases, or any other combination you need
    • Set your report schedule: daily, weekly, monthly, or any other schedule of your choosing


For more information or to get started with Wellsite Report, contact us!